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All about DNA Tests and Applications.

DNA testing has become very common today despite being discovered not long ago, its use in the criminal justice system and other fields has made identification of persons very easy. A conclusive relationship will determine whether there is a relationship- between two people and how they are related. With a single strand of hair and another match to run the test against , one can determine the identity of a person and from how things are advancing quickly it is a matter of time till people can narrow down to the age of a person. Before the discovery was introduced human identity was determined through blood typing. DNA testing tends to be more accurate than blood typing and that makes it more preferable. DNA testing is based on a comparison of DNA features that will never be similar to another set between two people not even identical twins.

Even with DNA fingerprinting there is a comparison of loops and whorls which are very unique to an individual. In DNA testing if the samples’ patterns are identical then they are likely to be from the same person. It doesn’t matter if the profiles are different but if the samples tend to show significant similarities then that shoes relatedness. The degree of similarity points out to the degree of relatedness as well. Apart from criminal applications DNA tests also have its application in non-criminal applications too.

There is a big difference between the use of DNA testing in criminal and civil applications. In civil cases the testing of the DNA is done to determine the relationship between two individuals while in criminal application the test will be used to match the evidence that has been collected at the crime scene. In legal non-criminal cases DNA testing is applied to help in determining child support cases and immigration as well. In most cases where there is no documentary evidence lacks the use of DNA evidence is used to clear doubts as that is evidence enough to both parties that are on opposites.

Thanks to paternity tests children are provided for in cases where people would have otherwise abandoned what is their responsibility. In child adoption DNA testing is applied and many people might question how that work being that there is no relation between the adopting party and the child. Here the tests will be used to match the child’s ethnic background to that of the person that is hoping to adopt. This helps in establishing child with a family that is the best fit for them. Thanks to this use of DNA testing a child transitions easily to the new family.

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