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What Do You Know about Daylight Savings Time and Its Contribution

History tell us that during World War 1, the federal government of the US started daylight savings time or DST, and the reason was not to help farmers in their modern farming techniques nor to make kids go to school early in the morning. The goal during at that time of war was to save energy in terms of the production and manufacturing in war time, and this is by taking advantage during the later hours of daylight in the months between April and October.

DST was required again to all states during the world war 2 by the federal government, and after the war and until 1966, communities had the freedom to opt or not to observe daylight savings time. Later on, instead of totally abandoning the idea of daylight savings time, there were changes in the government that further cemented the idea through a government Act of saving energy as still the goal, but some citizens think this is not as applicable as in the past because of our modern ways nowadays.

Some people are wondering if everybody has to observe the same exact time of day and how important it is when our modern lives now would demand us to do whatever ti is we have to do at any given time. Today, almost all have computers, mobile devices and smartphones that would allow them to monitor the time of the day, that have left behind the dedicated clocks.

The idea of saving energy in today’s modern time is not as applicable or practice because more and more people are living in the city areas, where there is less yard to do some outdoor chores so that people would be staying indoors working on their computers, watching television and other indoor activities that would make them turn on their lights longer.

In some countries, daylight savings time ended at 2:00 in the morning of November 2, and thus serves as a reminder for homeowners to get household chores done, keep their homes safe and face the new cold season.

Fire protection organization also encourages homeowners to prepare these things in their homes as precautionary measures, like conducting smoke and carbon monoxide detector test, doing some check up of their furnaces, switching the fan into reverse, swapping out screens for storm windows and doors, chimney check up, clearing out dryer’s vent and ducts and other measures.

As in any law, you will hear opposing views and daylight savings time is no exception, and for the positive side of this idea, you will have savings on energy, your electricity bills at home and offices could lower, you will have extra time to do without electricity, retail stores will have more shopping traffic, streets not so crowded, and you will have more time to spend in outdoor activities.

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