Why Aren’t As Bad As You Think

A Guide for Attracting Women.

The number of married couples in the US is at least 61 million. Chances are high your friends, relatives and family members are on this category. For most people they have a challenge when it comes to attracting women. It will be easier for you to attract women with the points listed here.

It is important you start by getting ready for the night. Been ready for the night involves having a well kept beard, taking a shower, having short nails among others. It is important you don’t overdo or under do, when it comes to your dressing. Ensure the clothes you have worn are not wrinkled, torn or stained. Women are attracted to men who know how to take care of themselves.

Did you know confidence is key when it comes to attracting women? Your confidence level will be determined by your body language.
When it comes to body language, ensure you are standing straight and your head is up. Looking down when walking shows you are not confident. Your body language and posture will improve as you continue meeting more women. Your haircut and clothes can play a great role in improving your appearance.

Did you know it is recommended when going out, you have friends to accompany you.
Going out alone make you feel less confidence compared to if you had your friends with you. The way our brain is designed, we find people in groups more attractive.

Eye contact is key, if you want to attract a woman. It is important you smile and make a warm gaze, this will make you appear friendly.

The easiest way to keep a conversation going with a stranger is by asking questions. It is a common tendency for women and women to like to talk about themselves. The woman will see you have interest in knowing more about her by asking questions.

Women are attracted to the status of a man, but talking more about your status will make you appear like you are bragging. When talking about your job, say what you do but don’t start bragging about it. Despite your financial status you can still attract women. If you want to appear down to earth, be humble.

Also, it is important you make her laugh. It will help in getting rid of the tension and make your evening more enjoyable. It is advisable you don’t tell a woman jokes that you found on the internet, else you will appear to be cheesy. Some of the things you can make jokes about are your surroundings, or even yourself. However, ensure these jokes are light, so that you don’t come off as a mean person.